Hi All, We are extremely grateful to you all for helping us to get the oxygen chamber for Slav. Thank you! Installation of the oxygen chamber was completed in the middle of March 2020. This was such a long process that we started back in August 2019 when we initially contacted a few companies around to get a few quotes. I am so delighted (especially for Slav) that we got the chamber just on time before lockdown. But we would not be able to achieve this without your help and support. Thank you! We got a full training how to operate the chamber and all devices including oxygen generator and the air compressor. Having our own oxygen generator means we are making our own oxygen directly from the air and there is no need to order or exchange oxygen cylinders, which will save us lots of funds long term. We, of course will continue having expenses on the maintenance of the chamber, including servicing the compressor every 3 months, exchanging filters and of course – higher bills for electricity. For this reason we will keep this fundraiser open and will accept any donations – no matter how small – that will help us to keep running this beast at home. There are so many benefits to have the chamber for Slav at home, including using it even on daily basis which we are sure – will have additional positive impact on Slav’s bones – as previously advised by specialist. We do not have to travel anymore, which was possible only 3 times a week. Slav does not have to suffer anymore from sitting in the car and long commuting which he found very difficult due to compression fractures of his 6 vertebrae. There are of course other benefits – we can also to use it over weekends and at the time when other centers are being closed for any reasons (Easter, Bank holidays, Christmas, lockdown, or closed due to technical issues which happened few times as well…) I hope you are all keeping safe out there and we really hope this madness will be over soon. It has a huge impact on life of those most vulnerable – e.g. children and adults receiving or after chemo treatment and elderly or people with underlying conditions. Slav still has an immune system compromised and we really appreciate having the chamber at home now and no need to travel and meet other people. Thank you for your help and support. We would not be able to reach this point without you! btw. I still get questions why we did not get the flexi chamber, which is of course cheaper, however flexi chambers cannot be pressurized to the pressure that would heal bones and thus it would not be beneficial for Slav. (it might be good for asthma for example or lung problems…but not bones) I have enclosed comparison of flexi chambers and hyperbaric one.This was shared with Facebook, Twitter, and your donors