9th November 2019 by Nadia and Vlad Vavro



The benefits of having the hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber are immense and would make Slav’s already disrupted life much easier.

1. The group chamber Slav goes to currently is used by different people at the same time for a diverse range of illnesses. Sadly, that means the air pressure that Slav himself needs for his bones to be healed can NOT be always achieved due to the diagnoses of other people within the group.

2. Slav initially received a 5% chance of surviving 3 years after diagnosis. With all the extra measures we are undergoing he is beating all odds so far! Please, help us continue to go in this direction.

3. We have been commuting for the past 15 months, 3-5 times a week for the oxygen (450km each week and on TOP of all other commuting for necessary medical treatments, check-ups, and tests), still in the survival mode with such a negative impact on Slav’s health. Slav has compression fractures of 6 vertebrae. These long journeys are very tiresome and the prolonged sitting is not only very painful but also extremely damaging to Slav’s spine, being contra-productive to the oxygen treatment itself. We often leave home at around 10 am and come back after 4 pm. As we have also other appointments in the hospital this means we rarely have a day off now.

4. Whenever the oxygen chamber centre closes for more than 5 days, we have to do a loading dose again. That means 5 sessions a week for 20 consecutive days! We did this last when we travelled abroad for an oncology assessment and also after Christmas! If we travel for any reason without continual oxygen therapy – we would have to do 20 consecutive loading sessions again, which would be so much easier at home.

5. As Slav is immunocompromised, he is still at higher risk of catching infection and viruses. Our chamber at home would lower the risk of Slav getting sick incredibly much. On the other hand, a common side effect of chemotherapy means Slav still gets nausea and sick – even while inside the chamber. We need to take a sick bucket in and it can get very uncomfortable to witness for others.

6. The time saved by not traveling for oxygen therapy would mean Slav could spend it instead by studying or just enjoying his life. Slav was not able to get back to school or consider home schooling yet as we are rarely at home. He could get more active and go to the beach walking his dog Chip, get slowly stronger thanks to more physical activity as well.

7. Slav is on many anti-oxidant supplements that should be used only 4-5 hours after oxygen treatment. We cannot choose the time of our current oxygen sessions, which means we are under huge pressure to catch up on all supplements. If we have the oxygen chamber at home we could have a session in the morning without any stress. We can even use it TWICE A DAY (in the morning and the evening) which would be incredible!

Please, would you help us to get Slav stronger? To reclaim his life back at least partially? We hope to be able to purchase the hyperbaric chamber before Christmas or at the latest by January 2020. Although we already got a proforma invoice for nearly 70 000 € we are now trying to bring it a little bit down, by changing parts of the chamber for more affordable. But yes, it will be still around this price.

Please, help us to achieve this. Kindly consider a donation and spreading our appeal.

  • November 8, 2019  by Nadia Vavro

    Hello, hello, hello is there anybody out there?

    Please, does anybody hear me? …

    Imagine fighting for life of your child for 22 months, imagine you live in the country where you are not originally from, so imagine you do not have a family there and not so many connections, no schoolmates from the past… imagine fighting for sharing your fundraiser appeal every day. Imagine doing posters and leaflets, posts and shares, contacting journalists up to the midnight or 2am every day, just to beg people for few euros to get enough to buy the oxygen chamber for your son. Imagine travelling for 15 months 3-5 times a week for numerous appointments, imagine crying on your own when your children do not see you. Imagine other people texting why this is so slow process, …Imagine, it is not easy to fight for teenager, as it does not catch attention of many. Imagine, there is good local support from community, but community is small and with limited options, although they do what they can and this is so much appreciated. Imagine uncertainty that every day brings…imagine not being able to go back to work as there is so many appointments. I have never been on dole, nor my husband. but now struggling to buy what our son needs… I am asking myself what do I do wrong here? Why we have to fight for everything so hard? Invoice for the oxygen chamber is here now and we will barely have FOR DEPOSIT. Please, help. I do not know where else to ask.
    =====We traveled for oxygen today (07/11/19) and they could not take us, as it was full and we missed 9am due to my car not starting. we came for 10.30 am session and waited for 12am session, but both were full…so we really traveled for nothing and Slav did not get his treatment today. Also 2 weeks ago the oxygen center was closed for a week due to maintenance. this is really being very hard here, please help… Thank you for listening.Any donations are greatly appreciated, no matter how small… Thank you.important note: This gofundme page was created to support Slav’s treatment and is not showing actual balance and includes funds that were already spent on his treatment last year. Thus we are still fundraising for his oxygen chamber. Thank you for your help and support.